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Purches- och Sale conditions

Registrated companys recive invoice 15-days.

Private consumers:
Sales only accure at cash payment at delivery, or advance payment.
For not recived orders we will charge a handeling fee of a minimum 25 Euro.

           Deliverytime is normaly 2-4 days. If it Should it take longer, the sales person will contact the client.
All transports are made by DHL,BTL or Post.

Product warranty:
Last date of Grounded Guaranį "Puro" see label to the right.
Last date of Concentrate Guaranį "Puro" see label to the right.
Guaranį Import will not be responsible for falty products on grounds of carelesness or
 wrongful handling by client.

All Guaranį "Puro" prices at our homepage are whithout tax (Swedish excluded).
Guaranį Import reserves the right to price changes without notification.
We also reserves ourselfs against retail and information errors.

Foreign payment info:
          All payment shall be made in adwance to:
Guaranį Import
I Ban=SE19 6000 0000 0001 1673 1842.


The products will be sent recomended with insurance.
 Guarana Import refere to clients own information of local rules or laws in recipiants
 country regarding ordered products


In the event of returning of products, the client must contact us. The client will be charged freight costs.
The product must have unbroken package.
Returns of Guaranį Products is normaly not accepted because of Last dates.

Owner rights:
All products belong to Guaranį Import until full payment has accured.
Guaranį Import have the right to reclaim not payed products at Clients expence.

 Fake orders will be reported to local athoritys in country of origin.

I accept the conditions and wish to order

I don“t accept the conditions

   Tax rates in the European Union    

Austria 19%
Belgium 21%
Cyprus 19%
Tjecka 19%
Germany 16%
Denmark 25%
Estonia 19%
Spain 16%
Finland 19%
France 19.6%
Greece 19%
Hungary 19%
Ireland 21%
Italy 20%
Lithuania 19%
Luxembourg 19%
Latvia 19%
Malta 19%
Nederlands 19%
Poland 19%
Portugal 19%
Sweden 12%
Slovenia 19%
Slovakia 19%
United Kingdom 17.5%

Taxrates can vary!