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Guaranį is a climbing schrub whom in wild condition grows and get nurishment from other trees in the Amazon region. Guaranį has been used by the Amazon indians in South Amerika for hundreds probably thousands of years as a general health potion.

The sunraipe fruit gets the aperance of sharp red or yellow color at harvest time. From the fruit is only it“s round black/white seed used witch then is dried, roasted and then consumed pure without any additives. Guaranį exist i different forms such as grounded, concentrate, seeds, tabletts, gelatincapsels, syrup and Soda.

Guaranį affects the central nervoussystem and prevent things as fatige, headeake and buildup of lactic acid in muscles. It also work perfect as a wheight controller. Guaranį seeds contain among other. Theobromine, Theophylline and Guaranin that gives you a wakening effect similar to coffein in coffe. One difference is that coffeine in coffe gives you a fast stimulance but the effect goes away just as fast. Guaranįs stimulating action gives you an even effect over a timespan of 6 - 8 hours witch not only makes it ideal for proffesionals,students,sportsmen and nightshifts but this pure natureproduct is aprecciated by everyone.
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